[Infographic] 10 Ways to Save Through Leasing

With the economy growing and interest rates rising, business leasing has become a hot topic. Companies are realizing the savings gained through leasing. As a result adoption rates are on the rise. Here are the 10 ways a Fleet Management Company (FMC) can help companies realize real savings through vehicle leasing. 

[Vlog] Myth: We Keep Our Vehicles Too Long to Lease

True. Consumer leases through dealerships are typically three years.

Fleet leasing is NOT consumer leasing. Fleet leasing is a financial alternative with a built-in exit strategy. Fleet leases are typically three to five years and are customized based on how you intend to use the vehicles. At the end of the lease, companies have the option to buy the vehicle, extend the lease, or turn in the vehicle.

How to Save Money on Sales Tax by Establishing Your Own Transportation Company [part 1]

Does your fleet qualify as a transportation company? Save on sales tax.

Many states’ sales tax laws (including Wisconsin) exempt companies from paying sales tax on vehicles, leases, and maintenance if they use their own fleet of trucks to deliver goods to their customers. Exemptions are statutory, not loopholes, and are closely regulated but can save companies significant costs. In order to take advantage of this exemption, a company needs to create a transportation company.

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