The 5 Myths of Leasing

“I’ve heard horror stories about leasing.” Myth #1 “I don’t want to be limited to miles and charged for damage” “I drive too much to lease a vehicle.” THE KEY TO LEASING IS IN THE DETAILS  A well-written lease takes into consideration the anticipated use of the vehicle, whether it is the number of miles…

7 ​Things to Keep in Mind When Leasing for Business

Leasing rates across the US have skyrocketed in recent years, and expectations are they will continue to. Why companies are utilizing the benefits of leasing – cash flow, income and sales tax benefits, and financial statement advantages. There are benefits to buying vs. leasing too, but the scales normally tip toward leasing, even for long-term vehicle use. Here are a few tips to aid your decision. In the end, fleet management relies on the fact that business owners, CFO’s, controllers, and others have a high value on their time…the concept of opportunity cost.