4 Simple Measurements to Track Fleet Operating Efficiencies and Effectiveness

Is your fleet operating as efficiently as possible? Do you gauge its performance against benchmarks and industry best practices? With the emergence of advanced data analysis and innovative technology within the fleet landscape, such as telematics, AI, and alternative energy sources, today’s managers must transition skills and develop new strategies to become the best-in-class, reduce costs, and improve safety and drive sustainability.

Fleet Services that Minimize the Administrative Burden of Managing a Fleet

Managing a fleet of vehicles internally is time-consuming. As your fleet grows, the administration and management of all the details can be overwhelming. Many fleet managers, controllers, CFO’s, and presidents have discovered fleet services provided by third-party fleet management companies help them focus on the strategic challenges that occur and solve issues that arise. Fleet management companies provide additional insights and expertise that help you overcome challenges. They provide continuity and a broad team of experts that reduces risk of staff being sick, on vacation, or leaving the organization. Fleet management duties include the following:

Of Course Fleet Maintenance Programs Save Time and Money – But How?

Operating a fleet internally means spending time and resources maintaining, tracking and administering the fleet. These are valuable resources that should be used to grow the organization, not manage the fleet. We hear many stories from business owners and leaders that are distracted by the challenges of managing their fleet when more pressing business issues deserve attention.

Fleet Wellness ® – Start With a Well Defined Strategy

Corporate wellness programs aim to improve the health of employees. Fleet Wellness is a similar concept aimed to improve the health of your business fleet. This approach is based on the theory that by measuring and managing certain aspects of a vehicle fleet, vehicle fleet performance improves markedly. It focuses on goal setting while building accountability and specificity into the fleet management process. Fleet Wellness is powering the healthy fleet of tomorrow.