Sale and Leaseback: Financial Magic for Fleet Management

When is a Sale and Leaseback beneficial to my business?

A sale and leaseback is a financial transaction where a business sells vehicles owned by the business to a leasing company and leases them back. The business continues to use the vehicles but no longer technically own them. The business has freed up capital and credit creating opportunities and financial statement improvements.

Fleet Wellness ® – Measurement

Fleet Wellness measures performance against benchmarks and industry best practices including cost savings, cash flow, operational efficiencies, driver safety, and reliability. The program builds on the holistic fleet management concept that many factors cultivate a great fleet. One or two are important but an optimal fleet addresses all facets.

Fleet Wellness ® – Start With a Well-Defined Strategy

Corporate wellness programs aim to improve the health of employees. Fleet Wellness is a similar concept aimed to improve the health of your business fleet. This approach is based on the theory that by measuring and managing certain aspects of a vehicle fleet, vehicle fleet performance improves markedly. It focuses on goal setting while building accountability and specificity into the fleet management process. Fleet Wellness is powering the healthy fleet of tomorrow.

​Which Alternative Fuel Is Right for Your Fleet?

Fleet owners who survived four dollars per gallon gas prices were scrambling for alternative money saving methods to maintain margins with skyrocketing costs. When cutting insurance premiums, limiting daily miles, and cutting incentives didn’t work, the most obvious next step was to begin shopping for alternative fuel sources. Depending on distance, gross vehicle weight, and frequency of fill-ups, many alternative fuel vehicle options exist and may suit your company. The reality is gas engines aren’t better than diesel. Diesel engines aren’t better than gas. There are uses for every vehicle type and fuel type available. Matching vehicle usage to the fuel/energy needed to power the vehicle is the primary focus of fleet management.

7 ​Things to Keep in Mind When Leasing for Business

Leasing rates across the US have skyrocketed in recent years, and expectations are they will continue to. Why companies are utilizing the benefits of leasing – cash flow, income and sales tax benefits, and financial statement advantages. There are benefits to buying vs. leasing too, but the scales normally tip toward leasing, even for long-term vehicle use. Here are a few tips to aid your decision. In the end, fleet management relies on the fact that business owners, CFO’s, controllers, and others have a high value on their time…the concept of opportunity cost.