Executive Vehicle Fleets: Create a Top-Notch Experience, Attract, and Retain Talent

A solid executive fleet program helps to attract and retain key employees. It is imperative to structure a program that demonstrates the value the company places on key employees. An executive fleet program can focus on VIPs such as those in the C-suite, owners, directors, and key employees in sales, marketing, HR, operations, and finance. An executive fleet program must deliver a positive experience for the driver.

4 Simple Measurements to Track Fleet Operating Efficiencies and Effectiveness

Is your fleet operating as efficiently as possible? Do you gauge its performance against benchmarks and industry best practices? With the emergence of advanced data analysis and innovative technology within the fleet landscape, such as telematics, AI, and alternative energy sources, today’s managers must transition skills and develop new strategies to become the best-in-class, reduce costs, and improve safety and drive sustainability.