What You Need to Know About Diminished Value Claims

Getting into a car accident is stressful, to say the very least. While your insurance might cover the cost of inflicted damage, it’s impossible to “repair” the diminished value of your car. A two-year-old Porsche Cayenne S that’s never been in an accident is worth $67,000. Following a collision, that same Porsche is worth only $50,000, no matter how superb its repairs were.
The diminished value paradigm may seem logical, but when it comes to managing the financial impact of an accident, especially when you’re not at fault, opportunities to recoup monetary losses are invaluable. Luckily, you have a resource to reestablish your vehicle’s worth: a diminished value claim.

How to Save Money on Sales Tax by Establishing Your Own Transportation Company [part 1]

Does your fleet qualify as a transportation company? Save on sales tax.

Many states’ sales tax laws (including Wisconsin) exempt companies from paying sales tax on vehicles, leases, and maintenance if they use their own fleet of trucks to deliver goods to their customers. Exemptions are statutory, not loopholes, and are closely regulated but can save companies significant costs. In order to take advantage of this exemption, a company needs to create a transportation company.

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