The Future of Transportation: How Autonomous Vehicles Will Change the World

Technology is constantly progressing and it seems to be evolving at the speed of light. Cars, trucks, and buses that operate without a driver behind the steering wheel are coming sooner than we expected and will most definitely change our lives. Computers began as mainframes and a decade later can be worn on a wrist. Technology evolution is rapid and profound and it’s coming to vehicles.

The Ethical Challenges of Autonomous Vehicles

There’s no denying that autonomous vehicles hold a great potential for improving travel safety. Statistics from the National Safety Council estimate that there were approximately 40,000 deaths caused by vehicles in the United States in 2016 alone, making it one of the deadliest years yet. Autonomous vehicles (AV’s) have the power of safety and the ability to save lives, save injuries and save property damage.

My Electric Vehicle Changed Me

A Professional Fleet Manager’s First Drive in an Electric Car

“My electric car and I have a thing.”

When I walk up to the car, she greets me and opens the door handles, adjusts my seat, wheel, and mirrors. I’ve already turned the climate control on from the Tesla app on my phone. I get in, put it in drive and go. She closes my garage automatically as we leave and opens as I arrive at home.